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Central Suction Adapter with Gauge & Regulator

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Central Suction Adapter with Gauge & Regulator

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Product Description

Central Suction Adapter with Gauge & Regulator

The Comweld Suction Attachments simply serve as the adaptor between the suction performance of the
central suction system or venturi pipeline outlet, and the receiver jar assemblies (or other suction collection
apparatus that is being used).

Designed to suit central vacuum
Dual scale (kPa and mmHg) vacuum gauge (applicable models)
Gas specific inlet fittings to prevent fitting to the wrong gas service
On/off control tap
Comes with suction nozzle and filter

Easy to read gauge
Simple to operate
Clarity of reading the gauge
Ready to use

Gauge range: 0 to -100 kPa (0 to -145 psi)
Inlet fitting: sleeve index system vacuum hand-wheel
Outlet fitting: nominal 8 mm I.D. tubing nipple
Weight: approximately 500 g

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