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KSQ5N Mobile LED Examination Light Black

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Product Description

KSQ5N Mobile LED Examination Light Black 2nd Hand

Second hand item

Perfect for specialties that requires very focused light in specific areas like OB/GYN etc, and a longer flexible arm and compact lamp head with uniform spot ensure the wider reach, pinpoint accuracy and enhance visualization of the exam area.

5W Hyper-Power output LED

Advanced LED technology.

50,000 lux of white light and 50,000 hours of operating life

Uniform light distribution

Ultra-slim head. More freedom of movement and an unobstructed view for the examiner

Focus Adjustable. Wide range of spot sizes, even light brightness. No temperature increase.

Dimmer switch for adjustable brightness.

Perfect for Gynaecology, ENT, Stamotology & Outpatient Service

Free Mobile Stand included

KSQ5N Mobile LED Examination Light Black


Light intensity: 120001x(D=30cm)
Light field diameter: D30= 8CM;D50= 15CM
Colour temperature: 6000-8000K
Colour rendering index(Ra): 75
Temperature rising : 00
LED average life: above 50,000 hours
Power input: 11 0-240V 50/60Hz
Kind of extension : 100cm gooseneck
Control function: Brightness control by dimmer
Focus control: Adjust on the lamp head


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