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Aesthetic Devices

Anti-ageing and aesthetic devices at competitive prices for cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, accredited beauticians and cosmetic nurses are yet another specialist offering from the Zone Medical catalogue.

Effective treatments for skin tightening, removal of age spots or hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, visible pores and the smoothing of fine to medium depth facial lines require dedicated specialist tools that integrate evidence-based techniques and ensure patient comfort. For skin specialists, choosing the best aesthetic device is essential.

The Zone Medical selection of cosmetic skincare machines and handheld dermatology devices is broad. From the proven methods of radiofrequency skin treatments to fractionated lasers and cryotherapy devices, our catalogue provides cosmetic solutions for clinics, dermatology specialists, accredited beauty practitioners and hospitals across Australia. Skincare becomes safe and simple, and the effects rapid and visible with our range of professional, proven aesthetic devices.

The aesthetic units listed in the following pages are implemented in various settings, including physiotherapy and sports medicine departments. Our range has been selected to provide simple, rapid and effective results that save time and enable a higher patient turnover.

Want to know more about our certified aesthetic and cosmetic devices? Contact Zone Medical for professional, correct and honest advice.

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