Elpis Fx Fractional C02 Laser System with Vaginal Probe

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ElpisFX is a fractional c02 laser surgical system which is also suitable for vaginal rejuvenation.


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Elpis Fx Fractional C02 Laser System with Vaginal Probe

The Elpis surgical CO2 fractional laser system is the result of award-winning research from the Chung Woo medical equipment laboratory in Korea. Since 2007, Chung Woo has focused on dermatology equipment in a surgical context.

Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation is increasingly implemented to reduce the effects of vaginal relaxation syndrome and vulvovaginal laxity. Aesthetic vaginal rejuvenation procedures are now frequently requested by women as familiarity with the existence and effects of laser therapy grows.

The specificity of 10,600 nm carbon dioxide laser devices induces thermal-dependent remodelling of the vaginal mucosa through elastin fibre contracture, neovascularisation, neocollagenesis, neoelastogenesis and improved vaginal lubrication, even after a single treatment. Energy-based devices have been approved for the treatment of menopausal symptoms since 2013, the same year the first Elpis system came to the market.

The Elpis fractional CO2 laser system includes surgical and fractional handheld emitters and a vaginal probe. Using the approved 10,600 nm wavelength and with standard, alternate, random and scatter patterns, this machine has earned its place in cosmetic clinics that provide both aesthetic and medical services.

Type of LaserRF CO2 Laser
Laser SourceRF Metal Tube
Scan Size1 x 1 ~ 20 x 20
Scanning ShapeSquare, Triangle, Circle
Scanning PatternStandard, Alternate, Random & Scatter
Dimension (mm)320 (W) x
370 (L) x 873 (H)
Elpis FX CWM-2300 User Manual