Robolex Multifunctional Body Contouring Device

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The Robolex is an effective & space saving body contouring device combining vacuum suction, ultrasound cavitation, low level laser & multi/bi-polar radio frequencies.


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For cosmetic clinics with limited space, the Robolex multifunctional body contouring device is the perfect choice. Four different hand pieces allow face and scalp, limb, belly and hips and full body treatments with single or combination low-level laser, radiofrequency, ultrasonic cavitation and vacuum suction modalities.

Zone Medical supplies various Chung Woo aesthetic devices due to this company’s consistent positive feedback from users and clients alike. Their award-winning Robolex machines have been designed to provide ultimate, space-saving efficiency to enable a broad variety of non-invasive aesthetic treatments, all of which contribute to body contouring and skin tightening in problem areas. If you are looking for a cavitation, low-level laser or bipolar radiofrequency machine, why not combine all three and triple your clinic’s list of available treatments?

The combination of radiofrequency energy that penetrates the subcutaneous fat at between 5 and 15 mm depths with laser and either with or without ultrasound cavitation selectively reduces fat cell and cellulite build-ups. Separate modes result in lipolysis and regeneration of the dermal layers. These modes may even negate the need for invasive liposuction or the pain and complications of injection therapy in clients with fine lines or small, stubborn areas of fat or cellulite.

When combined with the added feature of vacuum suction, the associated negative pressures lower the risk of visible oedema and improve skin quality and tone, especially in the presence of cellulite. By offering a massage effect that encourages a more efficient level of lymph drainage, full body effects can usually be seen after the first treatment.

CWM-920 User Manual