Recent technologies are providing air purification systems that require very little maintenance and remove pathogens from the air using ultraviolet radiation. Zone Medical introduces the Medivent UV Disinfection Germicidal Unit to its medical equipment catalogue as an effective method to improve air quality in waiting rooms, wards, the homes of allergy or low-immunity sufferers, public spaces such as schools and libraries, and commercial services like beauty spas where high levels of hygiene are imperative.

In medical settings, air quality is lowered through disinfectants, anaesthetic gases, laboratory products and, of course, pathogens exhaled by patients and visitors in waiting rooms and wards, and even by healthcare workers themselves. As far back as 1936, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) has been implemented in operating theatres to help provide sterile environments.

Much more recent studies continue to show that although UV air purifiers do not efficiently remove non-microbial pollutants from indoor air, long-term exposure to UVGI is highly effective in lowering levels of potentially pathological microorganisms and that this effect increases with time.

The Medivent UV Disinfection Germicidal Unit uses UV-C radiation to remove airborne microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, fungal toxin viruses and actinobacteria, all of which have the potential to cause allergies, irritation, and contagious diseases. The optimal operating space of the Medivent air purifier is up 75m3, although as more recent studies refer to the long-term increased efficacy of UV-C radiation on air purity, the presence of a ventilation system and higher levels of humidity can increase this guideline operating space when the unit is used for longer periods of time.

Intermittent UV-C air purification is not harmful to humans. Longer-term exposure such as in wards and homes with bed-ridden patients should position UVGI units out of eye-line to prevent damage to the cornea of the eye. For this reason, Zone Medical supplies ceiling and wall mounts and mobile UV disinfection versions of the Medivent air purifier.

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