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Alcohol & Drug Testing

Zone Medical medical equipment supplier in Australia offers a broad range of alcohol testing devices and various drug testing devices certified for use in law enforcement, laboratories, hospitals and homes. Breath testing for alcohol and saliva and urine tests for drugs can be found in our listings below. Test results are reliable and meet the latest regulations through integration of clinically proven testing methods, technology and chemical alert systems.

Alcocheck produces passive and fuel-cell breath analysers, perfect for rapid testing of Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC) quickly and easily. Convenient and accurate alcohol breath levels require the simple pressing of a button before providing a sample.


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Portable drug testing equipment needs to be accurate with results admissible in law enforcement and medical reports. Through drug analysis testing strips for saliva and urine, Zone Medical products comply with these requirements. We supply urine drug test strips and urine drug and alcohol test strips from Royal Medical Supplies, a well established, respected supplier of high-quality drug testing products in Australia and New Zealand. They have developed accurate drug testing kits for hospitals, the transport and mining industries, pathology labs, drug detox centres, law enforcement agencies, Federal immigration agencies, pharmacies, companies performing pre-employment medicals, sporting clubs and the Department of Corrections for many years; many US companies looking for FDA compliant drug test kits purchase Royal Medical Supplies products from Australia.

In addition, Zone Medical offers single-drug testing swabs in our medical equipment catalogue. These include a THC single dip urine test and K2-Spice (synthetic cannabis) dip test. For law enforcement purposes, we also supply drug testing kits containing security seals and chain of custody forms.

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