K2-Spice Synthetic Cannabis Dip Test

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A urine dip test to check for the presence of K2 Spice or Synthetic Cannabis. This device is widely used across Australia in mining, transport, government, pre-employment and by drug rehab clinics. There are 25 tests in a carton.



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The increased sensitivity of the DrugCheck K2-Spice test has been verified by an independent laboratory in the USA. Testing by the lab reported detection levels down to just 10ngml.


Cannabis Dip Test features:

Can detect more compounds than any other commercially available onsite test.

Is more sensitive than any other test on the market including many lab-based test.

Is available in the DrugCheck Onsite Urine Drug Cups or as a single Dip-Test.

Detects the 16 most commonly found chemicals in commercially available synthetic cannabis. The compounds detected include: JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-210, JWH-398 and MAM-2201


Test result available in just 5-10 minutes!


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1 Test, Box of 25 Tests

Box of 25
K2-Spice Synthetic Cannabis Dip Test Brochure