Aesthetic Devices & Cosmetic Enhancement for beauty spas & cosmetic surgeons

Aesthetic Devices for Beauty spa start-up? Plastic surgery theatre in need of an upgrade? Want more for your mobile beauty clinic? Or do you simply want to offer the best cosmetic medical equipment for your patients or clients? Finding the right cosmetic apparatus, device or furniture increases customer confidence and extends your available list of services.
Aesthetic Devices & Cosmetic Enhancement for beauty spas & cosmetic surgeons

Although Zone Medical is best known for the supply of certified medical equipment, we understand that products manufactured to stringent health authority guidelines are also of great interest to non-medical professionals wishing to ensure a high standard of hygiene. However, smaller concerns usually require high standard medical equipment at layman prices. Cosmetic procedures range from non-invasive superficial treatments to highly complex surgeries that not only improve a patient’s sense of well-being but also prevent further complications. That is why you will find products in our aesthetic devices catalogue that range from treatment tables for beauty therapists all the way up to the best surgical microscopes for cosmetic surgery. Types of procedure offered by your particular service can only be enhanced by accurate, reliable, ergonomic and affordable Zone Medical equipment.

You will find plenty of beauty spa equipment and spa furniture within our catalogue but let us introduce you to a few handy ideas that will help you provide the best cosmetic treatment available. Dermatology lighting assists with every type of skin treatment. We provide a selection of LED magnifying lights manufactured according to medical equipment standards and accompanied by low prices – beauty care equipment should always be of the highest possible quality, even when limited by a strict budget. Zone Medical dermatology equipment listings also include a portable ultraviolet light device for the treatment of inflammatory skin disorders. Alternatively, to ensure your beauty practice is renowned for its attention to hygiene, why not consider this competitively priced ultrasonic cleaner for the sterilisation of multiple-use equipment?

The Internet is full of before and after cosmetic treatment images, many of which seem a little suspect. Why not – with your client’s permission – keep records of long-term skin texture and tone improvements using DermLite HÜD™ technology and show new customers exactly what they can expect?

Naturally, we also list cosmetic surgery equipment and medical devices for cosmetic procedures such as cryotherapy devices, surgical lighting, Doppler devices, patient monitoring solutions and medical suction units. We even supply ergonomic operating tables.

When searching for medical furniture for beauty spa or cosmetic surgery departments, remember that Zone Medical is a one-stop shop for excellent design. We offer a huge range of trolleys, cabinets, carts and drawer units, all of which are easy to clean and ergonomically designed. Let your clients or patients undergo diagnostic examinations and therapeutic treatments in total comfort without compromising on your own with our range of highly adjustable massage tables and examination couches.

You will find lots more cosmetic treatment equipment ideas on our website. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions – we’re always happy to help and advise.

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