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ENT medical equipment -  ENT Surgeons consultation and treatment rooms often seem like fully-equipped operating theatres. Ear, nose and throat consultants probably care for the broadest age group of all of the medical specialisms, placing grommets in the ears of toddlers, removing adenoids and tonsils from the young, and removing hypertrophic tissues, reconstructing airways, treating deafness or unblocking sinuses in both young and adult populations. As the central hub of this popular medical student career choice, the ENT surgical department is usually a busy hive of activity with two or more medical professionals crowded tightly around the patient’s head.
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It goes without saying that ENT medical equipment for ENT doctors needs to provide a clear image of a difficult to reach and often hidden area, whether this is within the patient’s ear, nasal cavity, pharynx or larynx. In addition, space is severely limited; ENT surgery benefits from an absence of student heads, hands and elbows as they crane for an unimpeded view of the surgical site.

After much consideration, Zone Medical has made the decision to supply a broad range of ENT microscopes taken exclusively from the Alltion range. Our research has shown us that Alltion medical equipment goes above and beyond the specifications of affordably-priced ENT microscopes and surgical loupes, creating highly innovative and wireless ear nose throat surgery solutions that regularly outperform top ENT medical equipment designs. Alltion built-in technologies allow ENT surgery precision thanks to wide zoom ratios, camera-assisted measurement, wider viewing fields, mobile and desktop device connectivity, assistant scopes with the same high specifications and carefully-designed ergonomic features. Browse our Alltion range to find the best ENT microscope for your practice or surgery.

Zone Medical specialises in medical equipment for ENT doctors and medical students. We also provide the best medical equipment prices, together with free or low-priced shipping, long warranties and a catalogue that has something to offer every medical specialist, department or service. Take our ear toilet kit, for example – the perfect ear wax removal device that arrives as a complete, ready to use set. For smaller scale ear wax treatments try the ear microsuction package together with guidance from the ultimate in ENT loupes. Otologists can take advantage of our audiometric booth or incredible range of manual and/or automated audiometers with or without accurate, outstanding audiologist software.

Laryngologists will find Macintosh and Miller blades and associated laryngoscope handles on this page. The perfect aid in foreign body removal and throat diagnostics, our range of laryngoscopes features removable autoclavable blades and non-flicker fibre-optic lighting.

Finally, train others without compromising on your field of view. Zone Medical are proud to supply a selection of teaching and webinar microscopes which boast Schott Optical Glass, 3D-precise image reproduction and apochromatic lenses together with balanced, stable and ergonomic award-winning design. Avoid the heads, hands and elbows of enthusiastic ENT students with our high-spec assistant scopes.

You will find lots more ideas featuring the cost-effective medical equipment on our website.

We consider ourselves one of the top (and best) ENT equipment suppliers in the country. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions – we’re more than happy to help and advise.

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