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When being cared for at home or providing a home care service, we are usually limited to a low budget. Medical equipment is notorious for its high prices. Healthcare equipment for home use does not have to be. Especially when you buy from Zone Medical.
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We understand that nursing staff in home-care settings require reliable, low-maintenance, user-friendly medical devices that don’t require much of a learning curve. Home care solutions are often the result of taking the initiative and finding an alternative when your usual home care medical equipment supplier suddenly raises its prices. Patients have enough to worry about; nursing and care staff do not want to have to inform them that their product of choice is no longer covered by either budget or benefits.

Zone Medical now has a significant catalogue of competitively priced nursing equipment and portable medical devices that give small- or large-scale care providers the freedom to provide the service their clients deserve.

Home care solutions are not only of use to medical professionals. A non-medical family visit has the potential to offer more in the line of medical care than mobility aid or social contact; this is a true opportunity to observe the patient’s surroundings and the patient, too. While unhygienic living conditions are obvious, the gut instinct that a family member isn’t doing so well is not always enough to initiate action. Should the patient have easy-to-use medical equipment in the home such as a simple, cheap fingertip pulse oximeter or an accurate medical-grade budget blood pressure device, that gut instinct can be checked and acted upon if correct.

Affordable healthcare equipment can be reliable, well-designed and accurate – the Zone Medical catalogue proves this time and time again. We have spent much time considering the benefits and disadvantages of budget medical equipment and put together a selection of home use devices we are very confident about. This selection combines a series of characteristics that make them ideal for home care services and the patients themselves, allowing evaluation and treatment where a physician is not immediately available. These essential home-care characteristics are affordability, low-maintenance, accuracy and reliability, user-friendliness and simplicity, portability, low power usage and medical standard design and manufacture.

Examples of these characteristics can be found in our Kingon P2 portable oxygen concentrator – the smallest oxygen concentrator for home use currently on the market, or the compact Tongye suction unit recommended by the caregivers of patients suffering from chronic respiratory disorders. We also offer Northern Medical’s handheld patient monitor which provides and stores accurate NIBP, SpO2 and temperature readings. You will, of course, find various blood glucose meters, urine test strips and safety lancets in our online catalogue.

Zone Medical staff is confident you will find plenty of home care equipment ideas on our website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions – we’re more than happy to help and advise.

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