Medical Devices for Personal Use – are you an athlete, extreme sports enthusiast or just health conscious?

Top medical devices from Zone Medical It is not only the medical world that makes use of hospital-grade health evaluation devices. The latest medical equipment solutions are no longer the complex, heavy, clumsy affairs they once were.
Medical Equipment for Personal Use

Medical devices for sports – professional or amateur – can be a useful method of evaluation in a range of activity-based settings. For example, body fluid testing kits prevent a friendly, equally-matched competition from becoming a disappointing spectacle; app-based spirometers show gradual improvements or declines in lung capacity over time. It is no secret that today’s sports enthusiasts possess a professional medical knowledge of sports medicine, basing nutrition, exercise and training schedules on careful research and an excellent understanding of physical health. Zone Medical has experienced this phenomenon; more and more health-conscious individuals contact us regarding the use of medical equipment for sports and training sessions.

In response to this increased interest, Zone Medical now supplies various health evaluation devices that provide accurate, medical-grade data that anyone interested in improving their fitness and health levels can appreciate, use and interpret. Fitness clubs, gyms, sport clubs and personal trainers also make regular use of our medical equipment. For athletes, runners, gymnasts and team members, keeping track of lung function for fitness purposes, observing a rapid heart rate decrease in tempo as tissue oxygenation levels improve, and watching the effect of exercise on high blood pressure, high blood glucose or lung health can be all the motivation one needs to keep on going. The successful results of weight-loss training can be tracked using the Seca body-fat measuring device or one of our accurate mechanical or digital floor scales.

We even have a couple of products that will be of interest to extreme climbers in our range of small but essential high altitude equipment – accurate fingertip or handheld pulse oximeters and the world’s smallest portable oxygen concentrator for when you really hit those heights.

Whether you enjoy the occasional sprint to the bus or sign up for every marathon, health monitoring outside of the doctor’s office is no great mystery. Hospital-quality medical devices are available and affordable for us all. Fine-tune your training schedule to those workouts and activities that you – thanks to your professional health evaluation equipment – really know make a difference to your personal level of health. And when you can’t exercise a minute more – when your heart is thumping and you can’t say a word … the Zone Medical range of massage tables will help bring you back!

You will find plenty of fitness medical equipment ideas on our website. You are more than welcome to contact us with your questions – we’re more than happy to help and advise.

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