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Veterinary equipment and treatments have provided us with thousands of tales that cause us to shed tears of either laughter or grief. Most modern-day vets were in one way or another encouraged by the blissful, heart-string pulling and often freezing Yorkshire tales written by James Herriot; the next generation have Vet on the Hill and Bondi Vet footage to thank.
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Veterinary medicine remains a popular profession for multiple reasons and, for the majority of vets, this choice is justified on a daily basis. When you are given the opportunity to work in a well-equipped veterinary clinic and bring all you need to your rural clients in a fully-fitted mobile animal care facility, any vet can pat him- or herself on the back for making such an excellent career choice. Whether you have chosen to specialise in exotic pets or farm stock, top racehorses or discarded shelter animals, the feline or the canine, medical equipment that works exactly as is says on the box is essential to your clinic.

Zone Medical is a trusted supplier of medical equipment for vets and animal care facilities all over the globe. We also offer medical furniture for veterinary clinics and portable medical equipment for mobile vet surgeries. Providing high-quality apparatus to facilitate veterinary diagnostics, small animal surgery, treatment or handling and even large animal surgery, our catalogue consists of multiple medical solutions, many of them perfect for a veterinarian. What is more, our supplied products are manufactured according to strict international healthcare standards. Browse the broad Zone Medical catalogue or click on the descriptions below – these represent just a tiny selection of our best veterinary medical equipment for vets that recognise the importance of the combined powers of technology, ergonomics, user-friendliness, reliability and durability.

Perfect for busy vet waiting rooms where a wide range of potentially infectious species intermingle, the MediVent Air Purifier provides a safe level of UV light that destroys harmful viral and bacterial micro-organisms, and to a lesser extent fungal spores, in the ambient air.

In combination with gentle level of room ventilation, germicidal lamps and air purifiers create a safer environment wherever various animals gather or in places where sterile conditions count.

Every veterinary facility requires a reliable autoclave. For large animal surgery or busy veterinary clinics or operating departments Zone Medical offers larger decontamination volumes and rapid turnaround of autoclavable stock. Have a closer look at our selection of Hatmed autoclaves – easy to use, extremely reliable and very low maintenance.

Zone Medical represents the leading European supplier of modern cryotherapy equipment – Cortex Technology – offering cryotherapy vets an additional therapy method for the removal of abnormal or diseased surface tissues. Not only are Cortex Technology products safe and durable, they come with six spray heads and are compatible with every popular liquid nitrogen format, providing temperatures as low as -196°C.

For veterinary medical furniture, Zone Medical is a one-stop shop. Have a look at what we have to offer in the form of trolleys, cabinets, carts, drawer units and instrument tables. We supply easy to clean and ergonomic temporary or permanent mobile storage solutions for the discerning vet from a single, trusted address.

You will find lots more veterinary medical equipment ideas on our website. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions – we’re more than happy to help and advise.

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