Alltion Dental Microscopes Advantages – Advantages of using an Alltion Dental Operating Microscope

It is unusual to find as broad a range of affordably-priced DOM models as you will discover in the Alltion catalogue. By incorporating German and American design features into a carefully-assembled structure, Alltion is able to keep prices affordable while offering a list of default specifications that completely outperform the competition.
Alltion Dental Microscopes Advantages - Advantages of using an Alltion Dental Operating Microscope

Schott Advanced Optics

Our very first up-close pictures of the surface of the moon, taken in 1969, were the result of Schott lenses. For more than 130 years, Schott has provided glass for optics, lithography, astronomy, opto-electronics, architecture, life sciences, and research. All Alltion dental microscopes boast Schott optical glass.

The Schott lenses used in Alltion dental microscope models are multi-coated and anti-reflective. In combination with a finely-tuned apochromatic optical system, these lenses help to provide high-resolution, high-contrast, real-3D imagery with long depth of field and wide field of view.

German-Designed Spring Arm

It is not only the lenses of Alltion dental microscopes that are German-made. The microscope arm design originates in the same country. Sourcing the correctly balanced, high-performance and lightweight fixtures for Alltion dental microscopes involves a global interplay between top medical equipment suppliers and designers.

The Alltion German-designed spring arm assembly allows for easy, ergonomic balance adjustment. Longer suspension arms offer a wider field of use; Alltion wall or ceiling mounted models are therefore non-limiting factors. Other features include an anti-collision pin together with a foldable and compact design composed of tough 6061 aluminium alloy core and lightweight, durable polycarbonate (PC) covers.

Cree LED

Alltion dental microscopes feature Cree LED lamps produced in the United States. These built-in dual lamps dissipate intense heat and so increase lamp longevity to approximately 60,000 hours. Dimming comes as standard with all Alltion dental microscope models.

With lamp temperatures similar to that of daylight (5700 Kelvin), resulting images are extremely reliable. In combination with high magnification and superior illumination, any patient will benefit from your optimized observation.

Generous Range, Generously Priced

Alltion produce various dental microscope models at prices to suit all dental and endodontic practices. Zone Medical currently supplies five Alltion models: the 3000, 4000, 4000 plus and 6000 series’. Prices start at $12,995.000, excluding goods and services taxes.

Low-Cost Maintenance

By providing easy-to-install replacement accessories such as eyepieces, various objective lenses, beam splitters and camera adapters, the maintenance of your Alltion dental microscope is always low-cost. 12 months warranty, excellent workmanship and stringent quality inspection at the manufacturing plant, traced and recorded shipping, and an absence of superfluous or badly-designed parts means Alltion dental operating microscopes are synonymous with reliability, durability and cost-efficiency.

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