Alltion Dental Microscope Models – Fantastic Built-In Features at an Affordable Price

Alltion Dental Microscope Models - Fantastic Built-In Features at an Affordable Price

Zone Medical currently supplies five models of Alltion dental microscopes. Advantages come as standard with every Alltion model and include:

  • Inclinable 180° binocular heads with generous, adjustable interpupillary widths and eye-cups
  • Standard objective lenses supplied by Schott® Optical Glass
  • An award-winning Red Dot and IF concept and product designer
  • Streamlined, cable-free design with the option to incorporate your logo
  • Wide field view, for use with or without glasses
  • Floor-, wall- or ceiling-mounted options; extremely stable mobile floor models
  • A wide range of accessories and options to suit every clinic, department and practice
  • Built-in orange and green filters for ultimate UV protection in composite work and prefect tissue visualization
  • Ergonomic design to minimise muscle strain and improve posture
  • Compact, well-balanced armature to enhance any endodontic practice, large or small
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Optional Alltion ALL-CAM2 technology – the ‘all CAN do’ for high definition visualization and shared documentation
  • SSD hard drive connections and built-in camera memory

The Alltion 8000 series

The Alltion 8000 series includes all of the above, but offers the option of a 45° fixed or 0 – 180° inclinable binocular head and further features 5-step magnification (3.44 – 21.2x), a +- 7D dioptre eyepiece, an adjustable pupillary distance of 50 – 70mm, a fine focus knob within easy reach, and a built-in beam splitter for quality photography, recordings, dental nurse assistance and dental training.

The Alltion 6000 series

The Alltion 6000 series includes the above list of default benefits, together with continuous zoom (1:8), built-in beam splitter, HD camera and optional video recorder. Media can be shared with other Windows and Android applications after saving to the device memory (32 GB SSD) or directly to a USB flash drive by way of a connector. Recordings and photography options also include wireless foot pedal, mouse and hand-grip controls.

The wider 23mm eye piece, twin LED 60000 hours life illumination, 0 – 180° inclinable binocular head, fiber-optic connection point, and a standard 250mm objective lens with options up to 400mm make the 6000 series a very popular choice.

The Alltion 4000 series

All of the usual Alltion standard features as mentioned above, with a 0 – 180° inclinable binocular head, 6-step magnification (2.8 – 25.6x), +- 7D dioptre 12.5x/18mm wide-field eyepiece with an object field diameter of 8.7mm to 78.3mm, adjustable pupillary distance of 50 – 70mm, fine focus knob on the 250mm APO-chromatic objective lens, and optional beam splitter for quality photography, recordings, dental nurse assistance and training.

Unlike the other models, the 4000 and 4000 plus series’ have a single 20W illuminator (50,000 Lux minimum).

The Alltion 4000 Plus

This upgraded version of the 4000 series adds an HD video camera to a model that boasts 120° connection and balance support arms and the unusual option of a table-top mount. The 180° inclinable binocular head has also undergone an upgrade.

The Alltion 3000 series

The 5-step magnification power of the Alltion 3000 series allows 3.4 – 21.2 x zoom and an object field diameter of 10.4 to just under 65mm. Single LED lamps are 30,000 Lux minimum and a great range of movement. As far as the price-to-quality ratio is concerned, the 3000 series certainly makes the grade.

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Zone Medical

After working extensively within the health care industry Graham Bradshaw highlighted a need for better support and a larger range of high-quality products for medical equipment. As a result,
in 2004 Zone Medical was born.

Zone Medical was founded with the vision of bringing the best in medical equipment to health care providers across Australia, to deliver both technological solutions and extensive support to enhance health services, ease the burden on medical personnel and improve patient outcomes.

A simple and focused process of achieving this was goal was initiated by importing, distributing and supporting a quality steriliser throughout the Australian healthcare market, Italy’s Cominox Autoclave range. Within a year Zone Medical had established itself as a popular and trusted supplier for the whole of Australia. This was due to the commitment to provide a quality product and the establishment of a professionally trained service network system for post-sale support on a national scale.

With the initial success of the Cominox Autoclave range throughout Australia. Zone found itself continually asked to find equally advanced solutions for other key pieces of electro-medical equipment. With an established relationship with a medical manufacturer in Europe Zone began exploring other quality products to import and distribute and value add to Australia’s Healthcare industry.

Eventually Zone found itself introducing a core range of Medical Equipment to Australia. This range includes MIR Spirometers, CryoAlfa Cryotherapy devices, Alltion Microscopes and Ear Toilet Packages, Northern Meditec Patient Monitors, Minston Lights and Beneware ECG’s.

Today Zone Medical is recognised as one of Australia most professional and progressive Medical Equipment Importers & Suppliers in Australia.

Zone prides itself on being able to represent provide and support products with a recognisable quality which exhibit exceedingly high levels of technology and usability to the healthcare industry.

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