Dental Microscope Applications

High magnification through dental operating microscopes or DOMs in the field of endodontics may not yet be mainstream but their use is rapidly gaining momentum. This trend is due to a long list of dental microscope advantages, especially when comparing the efficiency of dental microscope vs loupes.
Dental Microscope Applications

Alltion Dental Microscopes

Visual handicaps

Young, unaided eyes are able to see to the level of the canal orifice (approximately 200 microns); however, from the age of forty, natural vision starts to deteriorate.

While the use of loupes lowers a visual handicap to a resolution of between 100 to 50 microns, dental microscope benefits far outdo those of loupes – in fact, a DOM can completely compensate for sight deterioration and provide a visual resolution of 25 to 10 microns. The significantly enhanced view results in the potential for clinical excellence in dental diagnostics and treatment.


The dental operating microscope (DOM) once again supersedes loupes in the field of ergonomics. Flip-up loupes are notoriously heavy, while many through-the-lens designs do not allow for a steep declination angle, forcing more head-tilt and neck strain. The advantages of well-designed dental microscopes mean one can remain in a neutral and upright working position, yet still be rewarded with a clear, highly-magnified image.

Alltion DOMs offer a range of ergonomic features which can be adapted to each individual user. These dental microscope advantages include a lightweight, beautifully balanced frame, binocular heads inclinable to 180°, a long-reach suspension arm, ergonomically designed hand grips, and your choice of floor, ceiling or high or low wall mounts. Extra comfort is further guaranteed with Alltion ergonomic eye cups, adjustable to wider-than-average interpupillary distances.

Optical Quality

In the case of dental microscope vs. loupes, the DOM also well-outperforms the competition. Alltion dental microscopes provide one step or continuous range of magnification with multi-coated and anti-reflective Schott ® Optical Glass focal lenses (200 – 400 mm) without compromising on field of view or depth of field. Further optical features of the Alltion DOM include high resolution and contrast with real-3D precise imaging and apochromatic optics.


Enhanced illumination and magnification can facilitate the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures pertaining to caries and cracks, canal cleanliness and sclerosis, smaller osteotomy, surface inspection, pulp stone outlining and removal, additional or obscure anatomy, conservative access opening, and retropreparation and retrofill. These microscope dentistry benefits result in more efficient preventive care, less post-treatment infection rates, and better aesthetic results across the board.

Documentation & Workflow

The use of dental microscope technology in endodontics can be further enhanced through integrated software and simplified patient documentation. Without interrupting workflow, Alltion dental microscopes have the advantage of an optional 1080 HD JPG and MP4 camera with optional foot control, 32 GB of internal SSD memory, USB flash drive connection, WiFi, and various image effects and advanced functions. One can simply transfer images or video to the digital patient file or directly to the patient via Windows and Android systems.

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