Dental Microscope Cost

When it comes to finding a dental microscope price that fits every budget, the Alltion range truly delivers. While the cost of dental microscope equipment is never low-budget, perfect visualization significantly improves procedure results and preventive care.
Dental Microscope Cost

Alltion DOMs: how much does a dental microscope cost?

Zone Medical’s range of Alltion dental operating microscopes suit every dentistry environment and can also be used in multi-specialty clinical settings where ENT and less invasive maxillofacial procedures are performed.

The Alltion 2000 series starts at just $12,500 excluding GST for either wall-mounted or mobile floor models (view product). Our highest priced option is the 6000 series ALL-CAM2 model with integrated high definition camera (photography and video) and WiFi workflow integration, at $33,999 (view product here).

When comparing these dental operating microscope costs with other models, products meeting the same specifications as the Alltion 4000 and 6000 series’ tend to be significantly more expensive:

  • The Leica M320 F12 retails at approximately $40,000 with all options, the majority of which come as standard with the lower-priced Alltion 6000 series.
  • The Zeiss OPMI Pico dental microscope costs approximately $43,000 with similar features as the Alltion 6000 series, but with the additional and expensive outlay of replacement Xenon bulbs.
  • The budget Alpha Slim 3 from Seiler requires the purchase of options for an inclinable binocular head and offers 3-step magnification. Compared to the Alltion 5-step magnification budget model – the 8000 series – the Seiler is much less competitively priced at nearly $18,000. Camera and video packages for this budget option must be purchased separately.

The Alltion dental operating microscope is a cost-effective solution for small to large endodontic clinics. Many features offered as upgrades on other models come as standard with Alltion; a carefully selected range of accessories makes them ideal for teaching, assisted surgeries and other specialties such as ENT. With easy workflow integration and optional Alltion ALL-CAM2 high definition visualization within an ergonomic and compact frame, even the most complex endodontic techniques are possible with Alltion’s selection of competitively priced and beautifully designed dental microscopes.

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