Electronica Screening Audiometer PC Based

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The Electronica 600M is a PC Based Screening Audiometer which performs Air Conduction tests. It is connected by USB to a PC and operated by simple to install and intuitive software. It uses Sennheiser HDA300 headphones and has a robust patient response switch ensuring a smooth user experience. It is a suitable device for General Practices, Occupational Clinics, Audiologists, Pre Employment & Schools plus many more.


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Screening Audiometer PC Based from Electronica

Screening Audiometer features:

  • Simple USB connection to PC
  • Easy to install, intuitive & comprehensive software
  • Manual and automatic programmable modes
  • Optimization of the tests, configuration of scenarioes
  • Rapid execution (keyboard, mouse, personalization of programs)
  • Data banks, creation of patient files, saving, printing, exporting
  • Ultra portable
  • Includes superior Sennheiser HDA 300 Headphones
Electronica Audiometer Ele600M

The flexibility of the software allows an adaptation of its application to the different Medicines and a personalisation of the test programs according to the effective needs of the Health Care Professional.

  • Can be interfaced with any medical software and to export the results of the tests
  • Merge, synchronise or replace the data banks between each other
  • Help for interprating audiograms (according to EN 7029)
  • Calculate the hearing losses
  • Determine the hearing thresholds according to the «Hughson–Westlake» method
  • Produce a continuous or a pulsed sound
  • Make appear on the patient sheet, all the marking elements related to the test and the audiometer

The design of the audiometer 600 M makes it capable to be connected with any PC (notebook, portable or for desk). It ensures, alone, the electrical safety of the whole assembly (according to EN 60601-1).

Electronica Screening 600M Audiometer Pc Based

Supplied in a carrying briefcase including:

  • The audiometric box
  • The highly isolated headphones
  • The 1m long USB cable
  • The Patient response hand switch
  • The CD supporting the software and the user manual
Electronica Screening Audiometer Pc Based 2 Year Warranty

Please Note:  Laptop pictured is not included

Electronica Screening Audiometer Kit Content

• The audiometric box
• The highly isolated headphones
• The 1m long USB cable
• The Patient response hand switch
• The CD supporting the software and the user manual

Type 4 – screening (according to EN 60645-1)
Output Air conduction – highly isolated headphones, light, robust, aesthetic
Frequency range (11 values) 125, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000 Hz (+/-2 %)
Output level From - 10 up to 100 HLdB
Headphones HD 428 as a standard, HDA 280 as an Option (to be specified in the order)
Power supply / Communication USB link
Minimum computer requirements 1 USB port, RAM : 1 Go, CPU : 1 GHz, Free space on hard disk : 50 Mo,
Graphic resolution : 1024x600
Supported operating systems Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 10
Packaging ABS box – Dimensions 92x150x28 mm
Carrying Light shock-proof briefcase 280x310x100 mm
Weight of the complete briefcase 1,3 Kg (160 g for the audiometric box, alone)
Electronica Screening Audiometer Brochure

User Manuals
Electronica Screening Audiometer Quick Start Guide

Example Reports
Electronica Screening Audiometer Example Report
Electronica Screening Audiometer FAQs

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