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Hekto PC Based Audiometer

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HEKTO is a 2 channel PC Based audiometer for the accurate diagnosis of the hearing impairments. Innovative,simple and portable, with a heavy duty design and a user-friendly software interface.



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Hekto PC Based Audiometer
Screening, Diagnostic & Tinnitus Models

HEKTO is the PC Based Audiometer by HORENTEK!

HEKTO has 2 channels, is PC Based audiometer designed for best evaluation of hearing acuity. Hekto has a screening audiometer, diganostic audiometer & Tinnitus audiometer. It is Light, portable but with a heavy-duty design, HEKTO has a user-friendly software interface powered by Arka.

HORENTEK’s PC Based Audiometer comes out in three models with different features: Screening Audiometer, Diagnostic Audiometer or Tinnitus Audiometer.

HEKTO Screening Audiometer features: Air conduction Pure Tone Audiometry, Free Field and Automatic Hughson Westlake Test.

HEKTO Diagnostic Audiometer features: Bone conduction PTA, Speech Audiometry, with internal memory for speech material, Custom and Children Words Lists.

HEKTO Tinnitus Audiometer is the clinical model featuring: ABLB test, SISI test, Tone Decay test, Bekesy Audiometry, High Frequency Audiometry, Tinnitus Assessment.

The Tinnitus Assessment is a diagnostic protocol that, in few steps, finds the characteristics of the discomfort perceived by patient in terms of frequency and loudness of sounds and to define the best masking dynamics of the custom treatment.

Hekto PC Based Audiometer Screening Audiometer Diagnostic Audiometer Tinnitus Audiometer

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ClassificationElectronic devices for the acoustic stimuli
UMDNSCod. 10228
FunctionUSB Interface programmable
FrequencyAC from 125 to 8000Hz
BC from 250 to 6000Hz
HF from 8000 to 20000Hz
Dynamic Range (1000Hz)From -10 to 120dB
Digital - Analogic Conversion2 simultaneous conditional channels
InputAuxiliary input for CD-ROM or external player
Power Consumption0.5 A approx
Dimension170 x 95 x 25 mm
Hekto Brochure

User Manuals
Hekto User Manual

Quick User Guide
Hekto's Arka Software Quick User Guide

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