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Cominox S Class Autoclave

$5,849.00$7,549.00 Excl. GST

Standard autoclave for every need, performs cycles of Class S and N. Meets all the professional sterilization requirements.

Designed for medical applications to process solid, hollow, porous, wrapped, unwrapped instruments.

Perfect for Podiatrists, Medical Centres and GP’s.

Please Note: Come with Manual Door, Manual Fill & External Used Water Tank (Auto Drain) as standard. Please change this option if required.

Please Note: 24L Autoclaves Require 15 amp Power Point.


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    Product Description

    Cominox Class Autoclave

    Pre & Post Vacuum Cominox Class S Autoclave. Suitable for Solid & Hollow B loads. Designed to make the practice demands of any surgery easier.

    • Large LCD screen with simple four button functionality
    • Unique one piece chamber with 10 year chamber guarantee
    • Vacuum assisted with optional auto fill and auto drain
    • Special user programmable cycle
    • Minimal maintenance required
    • Programmable start
    • Process evaluation system
    • Data transfer on PC through USB key or Printer
    • Automatic opening VLS (Vacuum Locking System) or Manual Door
    • Automatic water loading & Discharge (optional)
    • Bowie & Dick test cycle
    • Cominox 24 Month/2000 cycle warranty

    Class S Autoclave, Cominox 24L Autoclave Steriliser

    If you are looking for a cheaper no pump version autoclave, please check our Dynamica Autoclave.

    Kit Contents Specifications
    Class S Autoclave Specifications 24 Litre

    Class S Autoclave Specifications 18 Litre
    Downloads Videos

    Additional Information

    Additional Information


    18L, 24L

    Cycle Recording

    Printer, USB, Both


    Manual Fill & Manual Drain, Auto Fill & Auto Drain, Manual Fill & Auto Drain, Auto Fill & Manual Drain


    Purple, White

    Accessories & Consumables

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