HaTmed 18L B and S Class Dry Air Vacuum Autoclave Air Cooling Series Q50B

$6,499.00 Excl. GST

The Air Cooling Autoclaves is the ideal solution to meet the increasing sterilisation needs of a busy practice. Fully automatic, the B Class Steriliser with S Class Cycles provides the heavy-duty internal components necessary to meet the latest EU & Australian Standards. It also offers more internal space, which allows for longer instrument sets to be safely sterilised.

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HaTmed 18L / 23L Air Cooling Autoclave
The Best Valued Choice For Specialist Clinics!

Equipped with German Thomas Dry Vacuum Pump, HaTmed Air Cooling Autoclaves can achieve a Vacuum Level as low as -0.92 Bar. It features thorough sterilisation and outperforms most standard dry vacuum autoclaves in the market, with its fastest full B Class cycle time in 28 Minutes. The chamber’s pressure control and precise temperature protect delicate instruments, meeting various sterilisation needs and is the best value choice for Dental and Specialist Clinics.


  • Optimal Drying Results
    The Air Cooling Autoclaves generate saturated steam quickly, ensuring maximum steam penetration and high-quality sterilisation on your instruments, and achieve optimal drying results, even for cotton/textile.

  • Patented Steam Generator
    Our patented steam generator can produce saturated steam in a short time. 100% Stainless Steel guarantees reliability by avoiding rust and corrosion that causes clogs and malfunction.

  • High Sterility Assurance Level
    Powered by a German Thomas Dry Vacuum Pump capable of achieving a Vacuum Level of -0.92 Bar, our Air Cooling Autoclaves extract air from hollow or porous loads and fill them with saturated steam, ensuring effective sterilisation while lowering the risk of infection.

  • Imported Parts & Powerful Performance
    Our Air Cooling Autoclaves are equipped with parts from all over the world. The Vacuum Pump and Temperature Sensors are sourced from Germany, the Pressure Sensor from America, and the Solenoid Valve is from Italy. These parts ensure the best performance and fast turnover of instruments, meeting the needs of busy clinics.
Hatmed Hatq70B Air Cooling Autoclave

HaTmed 18L / 23L Air Cooling Autoclave (Features)

Hatmed Hatq70B Air Cooling Autoclave Front
  • Safety Lock
  • 11 Programs – Cycle Parameters can be customised to meet various specific needs.
  • LCD Display
  • Emergency Stop
  • Additional Drying – Depending on various conditions, additional drying time can be set to achieve different drying needs if your instruments are not coming out as dry as they should.
  • Embedded System
  • 3-Times Pre-Vacuum
  • Power Outage Protection If the autoclave is powered off for any reason or due to power failure, the inner chamber depressurises back to normal, allowing the load recovery via the emergency release socket. Alternatively, the cycle will resume once power has been restored.
  • Intelligent Error Detection
  • Smart Load Monitor System
  • Automatic Update with USB Drive
  • Patented Stainless Steel Steam Generator – Can produce Saturated Steam in a short time, while 100% Stainless Steel helps avoid rust and corrosion that causes clogs and malfunction.

Imported Parts

  • ODE Italian Solenoid Valves – More reliable and durable compared to regular consumer level products.
  • German Thomas Vacuum Pump – Provides superior performance, Vacuum Level as low as -0.92 Bar, and ensures fast speed, sufficient drying and sterilisation quality.
  • German Temperature and Liquid Level Sensor
  • Swiss Flowmeter
  • American Pressure Sensor
  • Independent Steam Generator – Stainless Steel, and highly resistant to corrosion, it is designed for generating pure steam and protects the instruments. Novel structure ensures both efficiency and steam quality.
HäTMED 18 Litre Q50B B and S Class Autoclave
HäTMED 23 Litre Q70B B and S Class Autoclave
18 Litres
23 Litres
Fastest B Cycle Time (Includes Drying)
27 Minutes
28 Minutes
Door Lock
Chamber Material
304 Stainless Steel
2.4 Inch LCD Display
Chamber Dimensions
253mm x 355mm
253mm x 475mm
Device Dimensions
453.8mm (W) x 472.8mm (H) x 561.5mm (D)
454mm (W) x 500mm (H) x 679mm (D)
6KG Metal Instruments or 2KG Textile
7KG Metal Instruments or 2.5KG Textile
Trays Included
5 Trays
Tray Dimensions
395mm * 165mm * 23mm
10A Outlet 240V 50Hz 2400W
Optional Printer
External Printer (HATEXPRI2)
Cycle Recording to USB
Water Requirements
Residual Humidity
< 0.1%
Vacuum Level
-0.92 Bar
Liquid Laboratory Cycle
Available By Special Order
Cycle Types
GEN121, GEN134, Quick B, Quick S,
GEN134+, Optional Liquid, User 1, User 2
Standard Components
ODE Italian Solenoid Valves
Independent Steam Generator
German Thomas Vacuum Pump (37L/Min)
External Case Material
Carbon Metal White Powder Coat Cover

Note: All technical data, programs, and configurations may vary with models. HäTmed reserves the right to modify technical parameters without prior notice.
Kit Contents HäTmed Steriliser 18L Q50B / 23L Q70B

User Manual
HATQ50B/HATQ70B Air Cooling Autoclave (User Manual)
Cycle Recording Sample Output
HäTmed Cycle Recording Sample Outputs

Quick Start Daily Use Guide
HäTmed HATQ50B/HATQ70B Quick Start Daily Use Guide
HATQ50B/HATQ70B Water Cooling Autoclave (FAQs)

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