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AccuChek Mobile Blood Glucose Meter Kit

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Product Description

Accu-Chek Mobile Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Its all-in-one convenience offers 50 blood glucose tests on a continuous tape and 6 lancets in a drum in the integrated lancing device. This system is the smart choice for people who are on the go and don’t want to worry about carrying and disposing of strips and lancets after each check. Just 4 simple steps make it easy to monitor your blood glucose.

Accu-Chek Mobile test cassettes are NDSS listed for insulin-requiring people with diabetes.

The Accu-Chek FastClix integrated lancing device:

  • A single drum holds 6 lancets. There are no single lancets to see or touch
  • Easy, 1-click action is all it takes to prime and release

Benefits and Features

  • Clinically proven to help reduce HbA1c1,2
  • Use in 4 simple steps:
  • Open cover
  • Take blood sample
  • Apply sample
  • Read results and close cover
  • 1 cassette holds 50 blood glucose tests on a continuous tape
  • There are no single test strips to handle or dispose
  • 25 languages to choose from
  • Program up to 7 alerts, reminding you to test
  • Display information guides you through the test procedure
  • 2000-test memory
  • No coding required
  • Reports 7, 14, 30, and 90 day averages
Roche AccuChek Mobile Blood Glucose Monitor

How to use the Accu-Chek Mobile blood glucose monitoring system

The Accu-Chek Mobile system allows you to test in 4 simple steps.

  • Open the tip cover.
  • Press the lancing device firmly against the skin and press the release button to obtain a blood drop.
  • Apply sample to the centre of the test area.
  • Read results and close the tip cover.
Roche AccuChek Mobile

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