Accurate blood pressure monitoring equipment for general practitioners, consultation rooms, paramedics, home care services and home use are always available via the Zone Medical catalogue. We insist upon the quality that professional medical departments expect.

Non-invasive blood pressure monitors and accessory blood pressure cuffs of varying sizes, from paediatric to large adult, represented in our catalogue have earned their place due to high levels of certification, proven accuracy and public and private positive reviews. NIBP monitors from our range can be used with the same success in clinical or home settings with a wide range of budgets that suit these settings without compromising on performance. Our budget NIBP device is manufactured by Omron, a Kyoto-based company that has been providing more than 110 countries with well-designed, tried and tested monitoring devices for over 40 years. Omron is the best selling manufacturer of blood pressure monitors and the Premium HEM7322 model offered by Zone Medical boasts accurate Intellisense technology. For patients wishing to test your own blood pressure at home or work but unable to cover the cost of budget blood pressure monitors, Zone Medical offers an affordable payment scheme.

For physicians and caregivers who prefer to use more traditional methods in the form of manual sphygmomanometers, Zone Medical supplies handheld sphygmomanometers, desktop and wall mount models at a great price. Sphygmomanometers require good quality stethoscopes, so make sure you browse our diagnostic equipment category!

Advanced blood pressure monitoring is usually exclusive to clinical and diagnostic settings, and Zone Medical again insists upon the best quality ABP devices for its professional clients, at the same time keeping patient comfort in mind. We supply a 24-hour home monitoring device for blood pressure results with an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device from Beneware. In addition, Zone Medical supplies an automatic brachial index system device for quadrilateral blood pressure testing with an integrated Doppler system that provides important diagnostic and evaluative printed data after a three-minute test period. This device is designed and manufactured by Huntleigh Healthcare, a British-based firm that has provided the world with innovative solutions in vascular care, foetal and patient monitoring since 1979.


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