For those requiring longer-term and accurate blood pressure results, either for diagnostic purposes in clinical settings or for individuals interesting in tracking their own health with dependable, medical-grade equipment, Zone Medical offers a small range of proven ambulatory blood pressure monitors.

Ambulatory blood pressure monitors or ABPM constantly measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels, saving results to lightweight blood pressure monitors attached to the patient. All readings can be downloaded to your device via a USB connection. Our most popular model is the Beneware 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor. Beneware produces high-level cardiac monitoring systems that have been used by astronauts during space travel. They hold European and US certifications for the design and manufacture of quality assurance medical devices. This particular, affordable ABPM recognises patient status, knowing whether they are idle or active, produces a variety of charts including trend, scatter, pie, circadian and histogram modes, shows waveform display as well as numeric display when monitoring and provides day, night and 24-hour summaries of systolic, diastolic and mean pressures.

Systolic pressures of between 60 to 260 mmHg, diastolic pressures between 30 and 195 mmHg and heart rates of 30 to 200 bpm are accurate to within 3 mmHg or 5% of pulse rate. Up to 400 measurements can be recorded in any 24-hour period. You will be able to input patient parameters and comments to results when downloading.

Zone Medical also provides various blood pressure cuff sizes for all of its ABPM machines.

For reliable and accurate 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, you need look no further.

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