Beneware 24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

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The 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor is lightweight and low noise. It features smart inflation and deflation technology and connects to your PC via USB to upload the data. It provides comprehensive analysis tools & customisable report templates. A compact and cost effective solution for any clinic.

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24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM Monitor) from Beneware

Why purchase the Beneware 24 Hour ABPM?

  • Smart inflation and deflation technology improves patient comforts and measurement accuracy.
  • Dual processors for parallel monitoring ensures system safety & reliability
  • Low noise, lightweight & OLED display brings the best experience to patients. 
  • PC Connection via USB/IrDa/Bluetooth makes working with the Beneware ABPM easier.
  • Easy to use with powerful & comprehensive analysis tools.
  • Auto Interpretation function
  • Automatically recognise patient status: Idle/Arrhythmia/Artifact
  • Traceable blood pressure result via ABP pulse waveform display
  • Customisable report template 
Standard Adult Cuff & Software Included 
2 Year Warranty
Beneware 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

Software Features

Beneware Abpm Software Patient Information

Entering Patient Information into the Beneware ABPM Software

Easily enter the patient information directly into the software.

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Patient ID
  • Height & Weight
  • Smoker (Yes or No)
  • Comments
The more information the healthcare professional enters, the better. 

Powerful Software Interface

BP Summary

  • Shows the analysis results of blood pressure in the whole day, day and night
  • The analysis results include STDEV, CV, Morning BP, BP Load, Nocturnal reduction rate, etc.
Auto Interpretation
  • Includes morning surge, circadian rhythm, and AASI, etc.
  • Provides alarm for White coat hypertension, Masked Hypertension and Low blood pressure.

BP Table

  • Records the blood pressure values in each period of time
  • Provides ABP pulse waveform display.
  • Shows patient status (Idle/Arrhythmia/Artifact) in every measurement result.
Trend Chart
  • Reflects the tendency of systolic, diastolic, average pressure, and heart rate in the corresponding time in the list of valid data

Scatter Chart

  • Reflects the distribution of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as the distribution of systolic blood pressure and heart rate
  • Can be used as a reference to judge atherosclerosis

Histogram Chart

  • Reflects the percentage distribution of systolic pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate in each range interval

Pie Chart

  • Reflects the distribution percentage of systolic, diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate in different range situation intuitively

Circadian Chart

  • Reflects the hourly changes in blood pressure
  • Shows the dangerous period of patient’s blood pressure

Print Report

  • Allows saving report as PDF.
  • Provide template for Homepage Report, which is customizable by the user
Beneware Blood Pressure Software
Beneware Blood Pressure Table
Interactive InterfaceLCD, Keypad
Measurement RangeSBP: 60~255mmHg
DBP: 30~195mmHg
Pulse Rate30~200bpm
AccuracyPressure: ±3mmHg
Pulse Rate: ±5%
Method of MeasurementOscillometry with linear deflation
Data InterfaceUSB
Monitor Dimension113 X 75 X 26MM
Monitor Weight168g without battery
Ingress ProtectionIP22
Cuff Size20-24CM
CollisionKeep working in case falling on hard surface from 50mm height in any axial direction
Kit_Content_Beneware ABPM
ABPM Monitor Beneware Brochure

User Manuals
ABPM Monitor Beneware User Manual

Validation of the ABPM

Additional Information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 8 cm

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