Omron HEM-7322 Blood Pressure Automatic Monitor

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A reliable and portable automatic blood pressure monitor. Features enhanced intelisense, a cuff wrapping guide & BP level indicator. A great affordable solution for any clinic. 


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Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Premium HEM7322

The Omron HEM-7322 with Intellisense technology provides the assurance of reliable and accurate readings with theses added features: Dual Check System and Cuff Wrapping Guide. For ease of use, accurate readings and improved patient comfort.



Dual check system informs users whether the device is working well.

Cuff wrapping guide detects and indicates whether the cuff is correctly wrapped & positioned around the arm.

Blood pressure level indicator – for easy interpretation of blood pressure readings.

Detects irregular heartbeat.

90 Memory storage with date & time.

Detects body movement that can affect readings.

Advanced averaging function provides average of up to last 3 readings taken within the last 10 minutes.

Colour coded blood pressure level indicator.

Long battery life.

Comes with x1 medium to large cuff 22 – 42cm.