ChoiceMMed is a well-known medical equipment manufacturer founded in 1993 in specializing in providing innovative medical and health products for homecare and professional needs and specialising in Pulse Oximetry technology.

Today they are exporting medical grade pulse oximeters to more than 100 countries.

ChoiceMed Pulse Oximeter Carry Bag Orange

Choicemed Pulse Oximeter Carry Bag Orange
$15.00 Excl. GST   $16.50 Incl. GST

Child Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Frog Design C53 LCD

ChoiceMed Child Finger Pulse Oximeter C53
$89.00 Excl. GST   $97.90 Incl. GST

Choicemed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with OLED Display

$59.00 Excl. GST   $64.90 Incl. GST

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