KWS Ceiling Mount LED Light

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The KWS Ceiling Mount LED Light is easy to install and with a high level of articulation and adjustable brightness this light is able to illuminate a subject from almost any desired angle.


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KWS® 36W Dental Ceiling Operating Light KD-202D-3C


1. The light intensity is approximately 40 000 lux generated by professional optical system
2. 12 LED bulbs Power 3W
3. The color temperature is around 5500K.
4. The lifetime of the bulbs is more than 50,000 hours, no need to replace them for 7 years.
5. The design and production of this light source performs strictly according to the first part of the safety requirements for medical electrical equipment GB9706.1-2007.


Part No. 7 on the photo above: Standard length is 80cm; If you want other lengths, thank you to contact our customer service.
But beware: If you choose other length, you can not go back and change the lamp.



1.  LED illumination, cold light, high brightness
2. The angle of the head lamp and the arm is adjustable. You can raise or lower the lamp
3. Ceiling model, Easy installation
4. Lifting and mobile function, brightness adjustable, wide range voltage, matched with a handle
5. Application: Outpatient service, Stomatology, ENT, Gynaecology, General surgery department
Voltage: AC 90 - 240
Lamp power: 12*3W
Color Temperature: 5500 ± 500 K
Intensity: 40 000 LUX
Lifespan: 50 000 hoursNet weight: 13 KG
Packing Dimension: 1060 × 340 × 240mm

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions60 × 26 × 12 cm