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Alltion Colposcope 3500 Series

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Product Description

Alltion Colposcope 3500 Series

ALLTION is proud to offer the AC-3000 Series Colposcopes. The lenses inside these colposcopes are made by Schott® Optical Glass imported from Germany, which offers excellent optic feature, such as high resolution, long depth of field, etc.


Features of Model AC-3500 Alltion Colposcope

Smooth five-step turret magnification changer

300mm working distance objective lens offering

2.7x, 4.2x, 6.7x, 10.7x, and 16.7x magnifications.

Optional magnifications/objective lens combinations are available.

Widefield 12.5x eyepieces with diopter locks and fold-down rubber eyecups foreyeglass wearers.

Straight binocular head F=160.

Light lntensity on object plane: 38,000.00 Lux. Min.

Fan cooled, **dual-port variable fiber optic coaxial illumination with 15V/150W lamp.

**should lamp fail during an examination, the dual-port feature allows a quick change from one lamp to another resulting in an uninterrupted procedure.

Maximum height from floor to objective lens: 800mm.

Overall distance from the column to the objective lens: 1050mm..

Green filter in selector knob.

Spare lamp, dust cover and is instruction manual.


Monocular Assistant Scope



Optional Accessories

P6-HEND-2 : 45° inclined Binocular Head

P6-HEAD-0/60 : 0-60° inclined Binocular Head

P6-E16X : Eyepiece 16.0x

P6-E10X : Eyepiece10.0x

P6-LENS : Objective lens 100mm, 175mm, 200mm, 250mm, 350mm, 400mm

P6-PCAP : Objective protector

P6-BS : Beam Splitter (59%:50%)

P6-CA : Video (CCD camera) adapter

P6-DA : Digital Camera Adapter

P6-Filter : Yellow Filter

P6-MH50 : MH-50 Metal Halide Cold Light Source with about 2000 hours life span of bulb gives strong white color illumination (200,000 Lux)

P6-XD300 : XD-300 250W Xenon Cold Light Source provides bright, white, daylight temperature (5500 degree K) illumination (5,800,000 Lux) for critical viewing and photography. An excellent choice especially for digital cameras.

  • 12 Month Warranty

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