Alltion Digital Colposcope 2000 Series OBGYN

From $4,999.00

The Alltion Colposcope 2000 series are high quality simple to use colposcopes. They utilise German optics to ensure a quality image along with simple operation. It has a straight binocular, either single or 3 step magnification and comes either with or without a HD camera. They also have a robust stand with an extension pole for easy height adjustment. This device is suitable for use by any practitioner with an interest in womens health.

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Gynecological Colposcope Alltion 2000 Series

Alltion Ac 2110 Colposcope Straight Binocular Head Single Magnification Features


AC-2000 series Digital Video Electronic Gynaecology Colposcope for Colposcopy

( FDA 510K Number: K061306)

( ISO9001:2000 Certificate Number 5300/2002137799 )

ALLTION AC-2000 Series Colposcope is based on AC-1000 series platform with has sold hundreds of units worldwide. It is a combination of classic aesthetics and moderm technology.

The brand-new Colposcope with fashionable, dynamic and elegant curves is designed by Mr.Zhang Xun who won following awards:

2007 RED DOT concept design award: Best of Best

2008 RED DOT concept design award

2009 IF product design award gold

Gynocular Colposcope Alltion 2000 Series

Superb optical features

Our excellent optical design makes the colposcope with superb optical features, including:

1. High resolution

2 . Real 3-Dimensional Precise Image Reproduction

3. Large Depth of field

4. Wide Field of View

5. Good Contrast

Apochromatic optics design could correct the chromatic aberration of three types of colored light effectively. It ensures the reduction and saturation of image color and improves the resolution, contrast and viea depth of image.

Apochromatic Lens


3-Step magnification and/or Single magnification

3 Step Magnification Single Magnification Colposcope Model


Two optical circles for quick measuring size of tissue

Two Optical Circles For Quick Measuring Size Of Tissue


Integrated green filter

Green Filter

Green filter can help you to recognize blood vessels


LED coaxial illuminator provides pure white color light similar to the sun light to show the real color. The bulb life can be over 10,000 hours / 10 years for lasting performance. It not only avoids the trouble of changing bulbs, but also saves your cost for the spare bulbs & electric charge.

Gynocular Colposcope


Integrated video camera in Gynocular Colposcope

Colposcope Integrated Video

An integrated video camera ( 1CCD ) is available in specific models. It is very convenient for the doctors to communicate with the patient by this device

The images from integrated video camera can be inputted into a monitor or a TV set directly.

Or it can be inputted into a computer by image collection with USB adapter or stored into a hard disk recorder.

Colposcopes Video Camera Images

Compact, lightweight base with wheel for easily maneuver

Weight Of Colposcope

Ergonomic design for long time precision operation comfortably

All ergonomic design assure you can work with our colposcope for long time precision operation most comfortably. It would avoid or reduce your problems on the back and neck.


Completely assembled and ready to use Gynocular Colposcope

Alltion AC-2000 series colposcopes are delivered to customers with completely assembled unit in one carton. Any installation is not necessary. All you have to do is plug it in and / or connect it to your monitor or TV set.

Delivery Of Colposcope

  • 12 Month Warranty


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Total magnification 3.75x, 7.5x, 15x for 3-step models and 7.5x for single magnification models
300mm focal length
Field of View: 79mm, 39mm, 19mm dia. For 3-step magnification models and 39mm for single magnification models
Depth Field: 4.5mm, 1.13mm, 0.76mm for 3 step magnification models and 1.13mm for single magnification models
Light intensity: > 25,000 LUX
Individually adjustable eyepiece 16.7x
Right eyepiece with built-in two circles for you to measure the size of the problem you see
Built-in rheostat for brightness adjustment
User-selectable built-in green filter for enhanced contrast
LED buib is easily changeable
Working Height 950mm to 1250mm
Fine focus adjustment Handles
Two ( Gross / Fine ) height adjustment Handles
Unit is completely assembled and ready for use once power is on
Main Power Suppy: 100V to 240V for 3-step magnification models and 1.13mm for single magnification models
Alltion Gynocular Colposcope 2000 Series Brochure

User Manual
Alltion Gynocular Colposcope 2000 User Manual

FAQs_Alltion Colposcope 2000

FAQs_Alltion Colposcope 2000

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