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DVT Pump

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DVT Pump – The new standard in Deep Vein Thrombosis prevention. This device is an Intermittent Pneumatic Compression device.

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Product Description

DVT Pump

DVT Pump is a lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use option for preventing DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). DVT is common in those who aren’t mobile, have had operations, are pregnant, or many other situations a person may experience in hospital or because of illness.

DVT Symptoms:

DVT Symptoms can include…






DVT Pump

What is DVT?

DVT is a type of thrombosis or blood clotting that commonly affects the legs and can lead to more serious injury if not treated or prevented by drugs, surgery, or a DVT Pump.

What Causes DVT?

DVT can be caused by a lack of movement or by medical issues that thicken the blood or damage blood vessels. These can include…

Extended bed rest or hospital stays


Sitting for extended periods of time


Physical injury


Hereditary blood clotting issues

Heart issues

Birth Control


Old age


What is Thrombosis?

Thrombosis is the result of a blood clot forming from platelets and fibrin blocking a functioning blood vessel. Normally this kind of clot would occur when the blood vessel is injured, preventing the vessel from bleeding out. In this instance however this blood clot remains in the function vessel where it can lead to a vast array of medical issues. A common issue is DVT i.e. thrombosis in a deep vein (a vein far away from the surface of the body, as opposed to a superficial vein near the surface).

DVT Pump offers…

Effective and adaptive methods for reducing DVT – Six type of working modes (five for the T20) suitable for various patients, conditions, and situations.

Convenient and easy setup and use – A touch screen (TP20S Only) and simple setup menu ensure anyone can use the device and one touch smart control means it’s possible to use from home too.

Comfort for the patient – The ergonomically designed cuff is soft, breathable, and can fit any leg.

Portability – Potentially the lightest IPC in the world, weighing less than 1kg (Approx. 2.2Lbs) so it feels just like wearing a pair of boots.

Portable IPC TP20/TP20S by MedCaptain

DVT Pump Feautres:

  • Sleeve/cuff has 2 Independent chambers
  • Touch Screen Display (Only on TP20S)
  • 5 Modes (+ a 6th for TP20S)
  • Time Displayed
  • Visual Interface
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Safety Air Release Protection

Call us if you want to chat about the benefits the DVT Pump will have for you.


  • Mode A
    • Compression moves from Distal to Proximal Compression Chamber.
  • Mode B
    • Both chambers compress and decompress simultaneously.
  • Mode C
    • Distal Chamber on the DVT Pump compresses and remains compressed as Proximal Chamber compresses. They then both decompress simultaneously.
  • Mode D
    • Compression moves from Proximal to Distal Compression Chamber
  • Mode E
    • Proximal Chamber compresses and remains compressed as Distal Chamber compresses. They then both decompress simultaneously.
  • Mode F (TP20S Only)
    • Alternates between Mode C and Mode E (Distal Chamber on the DVT Pump compresses and remains compressed as Proximal Chamber compresses. Then they both decompress simultaneously. Then Proximal Chamber compresses and remains compressed as Distal Chamber compresses. Then they both decompress simultaneously.)
Portable IPC TP20/TP20S by MedCaptain
Portable IPC TP20/TP20S by MedCaptain
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Additional Information


TP20, TP20S

DVT Pump

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