Zone Medical cryotherapy machine for dermatologists come in kit form and include nitrous oxide cryotherapy pens or LN2 cryosurgical flasks that use liquid nitrogen dewar cartridges and refills. Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy provides lower constant penetrating temperatures for the successful removal of warts, verrucae, resistant hyperpigmentation, milia, skin tags, cherry angiomas, growths and scars. Extreme-cold therapy is an efficient and painless procedure implemented by cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, gynaecologists, ophthalmologists and general practitioners with great success. This treatment method is also becoming popular with dentists. Cryotherapy in dental or orthodontic settings painlessly removes oral lesions without local anaesthetic administration.

Paediatricians offering pain-free cryotherapy services for children will similarly appreciate our small but effective selection of cryotherapy devices. Extreme-cold therapy devices freeze skin areas of between 3mm and 10 mm in diameter. A 10-second application completely removes superficial cellular abnormalities and lowers recurrence rates.

Cryotherapy does not require the use of local anaesthetics or sedatives and is a quick and efficient treatment, shortening waiting times and providing painless single-session therapy.

Zone Medical supplies two sizes of cryotherapy device in flask form, both of which come with a 3-year warranty and 6 tip sizes for accurate liquid nitrogen application. Cryotherapy flasks produce tissue-freezing temperatures of -196°C either as a spray or for direct contact. The Zone Medical cryotherapy category is comprised of Cortex Technology CryoPro devices, all of which are manufactured according to ISO 13485 production standards and fully comply with Class IIa CE Marking requirements for medical devices. Cortex Technology is the leading European supplier of liquid nitrogen cryosurgical equipment and their flasks are compatible with other popular liquid nitrogen application devices, supporting other spray aperture, contact probe and liquid nitrogen cartridge brands.

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