CryoIQ Pro Tips & Accessories

From $79.00

Find all the CryoIQ Pro Tips & Accessories here! From protective caps to all the different Pro tips, you will be ready to use your CryoIQ Pro in no time.

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CryoIQ Pro Tips & Accessories

Cryoiq Pro Body Lever

CryoIQ Pro Body with Lever

Cryoiq Pro Protective Cap

Protective Cap for CryoIQ Pro Glass Tip

Cryoiq Derm Plus Accessories Led Light

LED Light for 16G Gas Cartridge

Cryoiq Pro Contact Tip 1Mm

Contact Tip Gold Plated 1mm

Cryoiq Pro Contact Tip 3Mm

Contact Tip Gold Plated 3mm

Cryoiq Pro Contact Tip 5Mm

Contact Tip Gold Plated 5mm

Cryoiq Pro Angled Tip

Special Angled Tip 45°
Length 8CM 
Spray Freezing 7-18mm

Cryoiq Pro Long Tip

Special Long Tip
Length 130mm
Spray Freezing 7-18mm

Cryoiq Pro Dermatology Tip

Dermatology Tip
Length 22mm 
Spray Freezing 1-6mm, 7-18mm & 9-22mm

Cryoiq Freeze Limiter

Freeze Limiter

Cryoiq Gynaecology Tip

Gynaecology tip 
Length 130mm 
Spray Freezing 9-22mm

Cryoiq Pro Standard Tip

Standard Tip
Length 10mm
Spray Freezing 1-6mm & 7-18mm

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