CryoIQ Derm Plus Cryotherapy Device

From $499.00

Our most popular and easiest to use cryotherapy device is perfectly fitted for the treatment of warts and other common skin lesions for fast and effective cryosurgery. Its unique construction with a built-in non-return valve prevents gas leakage thus giving maximum use of Nitrous Oxide N2O gas content.

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Innovative Cryosurgery

State of the art freezing technology using portable pencil-type grip Cryotherapy device (Cryopen) which contains Nitrous Oxide (N2O) as a safer alternative to liquid nitrogen (N2) for precise treatment and removal of warts & common, benign & premalignant skin lesions without damage to surrounding tissues and minimal scarring.

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Spider Veins
Zone Medical Milia Removal Treatment
Zone Medical Skin Tag Removal Treatment
Skin Tags
Zone Medical Sebaceous Cyst Removal Treatment
Sebaceous Cysts
Zone Medical Cherry Angioma Removal Treatment
Cherry Angiomas
Zone Medical Brown Spot Removal Treatment
Brown/Age Spots

Applicator Types

Cryoiq Derm Plus Tip Cyrotherapy Cryosurgery Device Cryopen Tip
Liquid Spray Freezing
Glass tip spray appplicator with constant penetrating temperature of -89oC
Cryoiq Contact Freezing
Contact Freezing
Gold plated closed-tip appplicator with constant penetrating temperature of -80oC

CryoIQ Derm Plus Cryotherapy Device Kit

Our most popular and affordable standard multifunctional device with fixed applicator device (non-interchangeable tips).

ONLY $499
Kit includes: 1x fixed applicator of your choice, freeze limiter,
25g N2O gas cartridge, hard carry case, user guide booklet
Cryoiq Derm Plus In

Freeze limiter

Fixed Applicator Device
of your choice
25g N2O gas cartridge

Hard carry case

Your choice of one applicator below
Liquid spray freezing

1mm glass tip
1-6mm treatment area

Contact freezing

1mm gold plated closed-tip
1mm treatment area


3mm gold plated closed-tip
3mm treatment area


5mm gold plated closed-tip
5mm treatment area

CryoIQ Trade & Save Offer
Warranty12 Months Manufacturers Defect
Delivered InPlastic Case
Included1 Gas Cartridge (25g with valve)
Weight:82 gram (including 25 gram cartridge)
Dimensions Liquid:Diameter: 22 mm / Length: 120 mm
Dimensions Contact:Diameter: 22 mm / Length: 130 mm
Freezing temperature (Liquid):-89°C / -128°F
Freezing temperature (Contact):-80 °C / -112 °F
Contact surface:Diameter: 1, 3 or 5 mm
Material:Gold plated metal
General Practice
Readily available for use at any time for any skin lesion treatment in a busy practice.

Aesthetic Medicine
Flawless skin treating for age spots, lentigos, skin tags & more.

Veterinary Medicine
Distichasis, eyelid masses, cysts, warts, papillomas, tumors in the mouth/ear & more.

Excellent results on plantar warts, actinic keratosis, ingrown toenails & more.

Treatment of molluscum, contagiosum, warts, hemangiomas & more.

Precise & effective destruction of condylomata acuminate (genital warts).
CryoIQ Brochure

Medical User Guide
CryoIQ Derm & Pro User's Guide

Veterinary User Guide
CryoIQ Derm & Pro Veterinary User's Guide

Suggested Treatment Times
CryoIQ Suggested Treatment Times

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Derm Plus Multi Pack
CryoIQ Gas Cartridges

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