Cardiotocography is one of the most reliable methods of foetal monitoring in pregnancy and during delivery. Today, almost all pregnant women are CTG monitored in primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare settings, as this is the most widely used noninvasive method of foetal monitoring. Early and late CTG indications of foetal stress significantly improve standards and outcomes in the field of obstetrics. CTG is associated with a lower risk of neonatal seizures in babies born following prolonged labour or labour augmented with oxytocin and is an essential device within any obstetric setting.

Zone Medical currently supplies a single cardiotogoraphy machine – the Edan F3 CTG. Edan has been a global supplier of medical technology since 1995 and has registered a significant number of successful patents during this period. Our decision to offer this particular model is based upon continuous feedback from other Edan F3 users, from those using Edan medical equipment in general, and from the device’s features and excellent price to quality ratio.

Edan F3 CTG features include ultrasound Doppler with auto correlation and approximately 1 bpm accuracy, direct ECG (DECG) using peak-peak detection, thermally printed results featuring FHR1 & 2 (plus offset), TOCO, AFM, foetal movement and event marks, and patient and machine setting identification. In combination with intermittent manual auscultation as recommended by the World Health Organization, the Edan F3 portable cardiotocography device enables premium foetal monitoring in any setting.

Weighing in at just under 3 kg and with a rechargeable lithium battery, the Edan F3 CTG is the ideal solution for obstetricians on the go, either as part of a humanitarian aid group or as a home to clinic service. Use this reliable, portable model in primary, secondary and tertiary maternity care settings such as family planning clinics, birth centres, obstetric departments, emergency rooms and many other hospital departments.

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