Edan F9 CTG Fetal & Maternal Monitor

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The Edan F9 CTG is a high-end fetal & maternal monitor which offers the most advanced integrated monitoring for the delivery room in big hospitals, private obstetrician’s offices & antepartum clinics. The F9 is designed for moving situations & covers the entire continuum of antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum applications.


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Edan F9 series fetal & maternal monitor provide solutions for all areas of fetal monitoring!

Edan F9 Fetal & Maternal Monitor

With integrated monitoring of twins’ FHR, uterine activity, fetal movement, intrauterine pressure and direct ECG as well as maternal NIBP, SpO2 , ECG and TEMP, F9 series offer the most cost effective and flexible solution for all your fetal monitoring needs, without compromising quality, precision, performance and ergonomics.

Quick setup & simplified workflow

Functional keys and knob provide various shortcuts to achieve functions for clinical use. The ‘start’ button could be configured to integrate patient info and printing. This helps the doctor to simplify the workflow and works with 1 button only.

Various Printing Options

The Edan F9 series is compatible with 152 and 150 mm paper in either American or International standard. The recording information includes patient info, FHR waveform, TOCO waveform, Fetal movement, maternal heart rate and SpO2 traces and so on.

12.1 Inches Colour Touch Screen

The touch-screen, color display allows quick setup and optimized performance.

Mounting Options Available

  • Mobile Trolley
  • Wall Mount
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Weight10 kg
Dimensions45 × 46 × 31 cm
Edan F9 Fetal & Maternal Monitor Specifications

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