Defibrillation units for schools, university campuses and public facilities save countless lives. When you opt to buy an AED unit, you are helping to significantly improve cardiac arrest survival outcomes in your non-medical environment. Zone Medical provides the best automated external defibrillators for emergency resuscitation in hospital, mobile medical service or public space settings. Our extremely wide selection of semi- or fully-automated AED and trainer AED devices are guaranteed reliable, durable and – most importantly when placed in public spaces – extremely user-friendly.

For the ultimate in defibrillators for medical professionals such as emergency doctors and paramedics we recommend the Lifepac 20E – an intuitive and compact AED which includes pacing, SpO2, shock delivery up to a near-unparalleled 360 joules and waveform capnography monitoring together with full manual capabilities. This resuscitation and defibrillator unit provides everything medical specialists need to carry out emergency resuscitation during cardiac arrest and life-threatening arrhythmia scenarios.

On the other end of the scale, the general public requires highly-visible placement of user-friendly automated AED units that instruct the caregiver-on-scene during each step of CPR. Public AEDs do not need the host of professional features medical services rely upon. Instead, try the Heartsine Samaritan defibrillator (Surf Life Saving Club approved), integrating patented, extremely smart AED software that takes the guesswork out of cardiopulmonary resuscitation for untrained members of the public.


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