Adult Heartsine SAM Replacement Pad and Battery

$179.00 Excl. GST

Heartsine Samaritan Replacement Pad and Battery Adult PAD-Pak

Suits HeartSine Samaritan range – 350P, 360P & 500P. Shelf life is 8 years.

Replacement battery and electrode pads for adults and children over 8 years.

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Unique battery and pad in one cartridge – 4 year life, single use.

The Pad-Pak system is unique to HeartSine and saves you in many ways. Firstly it contains both battery and pads in one simple to replace cartridge. So there is only ever one expiry date and only ever one component to replace. We notify you prior to the 4 year expiry. Rather than have a large and expensive (and heavy) battery in a device that may never be used but costs you a lot to replace the battery, HeartSine have come up with the single-event pad-pak concept. After an event you have to replace the pads on any defibrillator – so its no harder to replace a pad-pak. And this means less weight, less cost, less confusing overlapping expiring components.

The Pad-Pak is for use on victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest from 8 years of age (or 25kg) upwards.

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