Saver One Rechargeable Battery Li-Ion SAV-C0011

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The rechargeable lithium Li-Ion SAV-C0011 is for use with the Saver One series defibrillators. The rechargeable battery has a Li-ion technology and allows you to make a very high number of discharges that varies depending on the model and version.


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Saver One Rechargeable Battery Li-Ion SAV-C0011

The rechargeable battery (SAV-C011) is suitable for those who use intensely the defibrillator. Thanks to this battery it will indeed be possible to reduce operating costs and guarantee a high number of discharges.

* if installed in the AED and in Standby mode it has an estimated duration of 5 (five) years assuming a battery activation test, daily self-tests, without any DAE ignition at the following environmental conditions temperature (20 ° C) and humidity S / C (45%)

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Dimensions20 × 0.7 × 0.7 cm