Saver One SD Memory 2GB

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The Saver One Series defibrillators are able to store all data concerning the rescue on internal memory but are equipped with a port to insert memory cards to increase the capacity of storage.


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Saver One SD Memory 2GB

The memory cards supported by the defibrillators are the (SAV-C0907) type SD Card.

The SD memory cards for Saver One Series defibrillators allow you to store the following rescue data:

– ECG trace, events and vital parameters for one or more patients for the entire duration of treatment

– Sound recording of environmental events (Voices and Noises) for the entire duration of the treatment


Depending on the capacity and type of memory card installed it is possible to memorise a high number of assistance :.

The stored data can be downloaded, archived and re-displayed on a Personal Computer using the dedicated ” Saver View Express ” PC software .