Saver One Thermal Printer Porti S30

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The Poti-S30 printer is a special portable thermal printer with a small size and an IrDA port. Equipped with rechargeable batteries, it allows deferred printing of events and of the rescue track.



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Thermal Printer Porti S30 to suit Saver One Defibrillator

Printer can only be used on the following models:

Saver One D

Saver One P

Porti – S30 is a portable thermal printer for Saver One Series defibrillator. Lightweight and ultra compact, it can be easily transported and used under any circumstances. Equipped with IrDA technology that allows communication with the Saver One Series defibrillators without the aid of any wire. The Porti-S30 printer is equipped with high-capacity rechargeable batteries.

Dimensions: 76.6x103x34mm
Weight: 226g
Printing Type: Thermal (Ultra Silent)
Speed: 80mm / sec (MAX)
Resolution: 203dpi, 8dots / mm
Interface: IrDA Vers. 1.0 (SIR)
Battery: Rechargeable 7.4V DC / 1.200mAh (Li ion)
Autonomy 1 hour of continuous printing
Loading time: 4 hours
Paper Type: Paper Roll (57mm, 30Ø)

Standard Configuration
Rechargeable Battery
AC / DC Adapter (Battery Charger)
Thermal Paper Rolls