Saver One View Express PC Software

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The Saver One software allows you to view and save data stored on your Saver One Series defibrillator. It is useful for creating  and analysing patient clinical records and ECG trace.


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Saver View Express PC Management Software

When a memory card is installed, the Saver One Series defibrillator is able to store all rescue data including environmental records such as voices and noises. Thanks to the PC Saver View Express software it is possible to analyse all phases of the rescue in detail, creating a real patient medical record and to then store on the PC.


Saver View Express allows:

Viewing and storing data stored on Saver One Series defibrillators

Creating patient clinical records

Analysing the patient’s ECG trace with various tools

Listening to the audio recording stored by defibrillators

Displaying events and alarms list