DermLite GL Examination Device

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The DermLite GL is a smartphone compatible polarized light examination device with two magnification lenses of 1.4x & 6x designed for skin lesion screening as well as general examinations.

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DermLite GL Examination Device

DermLite GL is a smartphone-compatible polarized light examination device with two magnifications designed for skin lesion screening as well as general examinations.

The sleek, unibody design of DermLite GL, about the size of a large marker, integrates a high-quality 6x lens ideally suited for dermoscopy and a 1.4x general-purpose lens. The unit provides ultra-bright polarized illumination around each lens, enabling enhanced, crystal-clear visualization of pigmented and vascular structures.

GL allows for the capture of incredibly detailed images using virtually any smartphone or iPad. To achieve this, GL is compatible with DermLite MagnetiConnect™ smartphone adapters which create a magnetic connection with a mobile device at either lens position. An included snap-on spacer may be used to stabilize photography if needed.

The versatile DermLite GL is equipped with a large-capacity lithium-ion battery capable of providing about two hours of continued operation, noting that the unit shuts off automatically after 3 minutes to preserve battery life. A 4-level charge indicator offers a granular view of battery and charge status at all times.

To protect and carry DermLite GL, a cap with a built-in clip comes with each unit. The cap may be attached on either end and is designed to protect the lenses from dust and pocket lint.

Key benefits:

Dual magnification for dermoscopy and general examinations

Polarized illumination for enhanced visualization of both vascular and pigmented structures

Smartphone-compatible (requires adapter, sold separately)

Ultra-bright LEDs

Four-level charge indicator

Automatic shutoff to save battery life

Snap-on spacer to facilitate steady 6x photography

Protective cap with built-in shirt clip

Each unit includes a USB-C to USB-A charging cable, snap-on spacer and cap.

*10 year warranty!

Dermlite GL Examination Device
USB-C to USB-A charging Cable
Snap-on spacer and cap.

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