DermLite Magnetic Connect Clamp

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Use your DermLite to take photos with any phone

Please note: The Magnetic Connect Ring (Multi-Set) DERMLI-93 has been discontinued by the manufacturer in favour of the new Magnetic Connect Clamp (MCC) listed below.

For all other phones, we recommend the new Magnetic Connect Clamp.

Use your phone. Just slide MCC over your Android or iOS device’s main camera and tighten. When you’re done, loosen it a little and pull off – that’s quick & easy.

·         Designed for your DermLite. MCC works with DL4DL200DL3NDL1Foto X, even DermLite Handyscope.

·         Strong. And safe to use. Its patented magnetic array holds your DermLite, yet won’t interfere with your smartphone’s electronics.

·         Fits on any iPad. And tablets.

·         Extremely portable. MCC fits in any pocket. Now it’s always with you.


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