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Forehead Thermometer Non Contact Infrared Hetaida

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Forehead Thermometer Non Contact Infrared Hetaida – 1 second reading, 0.2 degree accuracy, and 3 colour display for easy identification of fever.

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Forehead Thermometer Non Contact Infrared

01- Forehead Thermometer Operation Guidelines

The forehead thermometer work ambient temperature is between 5°C & 40°C & the relative humidity is less than 93%.

02 - Preparation

  • Please make sure you move away hair, perspiration etc on the forehead before measuring the temperature
  • Make sure the measuring distance between forehead & thermometer is 1-5CM

03 - Notes

  • Please don’t take the body temperature if the patient is sweating or have done a cold compress, as this will lower the measuring result
  • Please measure the body temperature 3 times & be subject to the highest value

04 - Body Mode vs Surface Mode

Not only can you measure body temperature, but you can also measure the temperature of surface, room, bath water, food & baby milk etc

When the device is on, short press the mode button to switch between body mode & surface mode. The LCD will display “body” for body mode & “surface” for surface mode.

Please note: Body mode is for body temperature & surface mode is for object surface temperature.

Hetaida Forehead Thermometer Displays

Forehead Thermometer Testimonials

Honestly one the best thermometers I've used. Love the colour identification for normal, slight & fever. Makes it easy to read & the kids love seeing what colour will display.
Joanne Review
Joanne Sling
Mother of 3
I purchase this thermometer to use with my grandchildren when they come to visit. Very easy to use & I even measure the temperature of the bath water. Very versatile & would highly recommend.
Irene Smeele

General Knowledge of Body Temperature

The human body temperature varies throughout the day. It can be influenced by numerous external factors such as age, sex, type & thickness of skin.

Below is the normal temperature according to age;

  • 0-2 Years = 36.4 – 38.0°
  • 3-10 Years = 36.1 – 37.8°
  • 11-65 Years = 35.9 – 37.6°
  • >65 Years = 35.8 – 37.5°

We can take temperatures of our forehead, ear, oral & auxillary to check our health conditions. Different temperatures will be for different body parts.

  • Rectal = 36.6 – 38°
  • Oral = 35.5 – 37.5°
  • Auxillary = 34.7 – 37.3°
  • Auricular = 35.8 – 38.0°
  • Forehead = 34.7 – 37.8°
Please use the above as a guideline only.

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Requires 2 x AAA Batteries (not included)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight0.13 kg
Dimensions16 × 10 × 5 cm

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