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Non Contact Thermometer Infrared Scanning

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Non Contact Thermometer Infrared Scanning by Hetaida – 2 second reading, 0.2 degree accuracy, and 3 colour display for easy identification of fever.

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Non Contact Thermometer - Infrared Scanning

Non Contact Thermometer – infrared scanning is a handheld, reusable, battery operated thermometer by Hetaida. It measures human body temperature on forehead.

The operation principle is based on infrared sensor technology. The IT senson can output different signals when measuring different object temperature or in different ambient temperature. The ASIC can turn the signal from IR sensor to a digital value & display it on the LCD.

Hetaida Forehead Thermometer Displays

Non Contact Thermometer Testimonials

Love the scanning ability with this thermometer. Very different from the traditional point & shoot. I like how when I use this to scan from one side to the other - it gives an accurate result.
Felicity Doer
I've always been worried about getting a thermometer for the kids & it not being accurate. This is great as it clearly shows me by colour if temp is normal, slight fever or high fever.
Elisa Review
Elisa Sandringham

General Knowledge of Body Temperature

The human body temperature varies throughout the day. It can be influenced by numerous external factors such as age, sex, type & thickness of skin.

Below is the normal temperature according to age;

  • 0-2 Years = 36.4 – 38.0°
  • 3-10 Years = 36.1 – 37.8°
  • 11-65 Years = 35.9 – 37.6°
  • >65 Years = 35.8 – 37.5°

We can take temperatures of our forehead, ear, oral & auxillary to check our health conditions. Different temperatures will be for different body parts.

  • Rectal = 36.6 – 38°
  • Oral = 35.5 – 37.5°
  • Auxillary = 34.7 – 37.3°
  • Auricular = 35.8 – 38.0°
  • Forehead = 34.7 – 37.8°
Please use the above as a guideline only.

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Requires 2 x AAA Batteries (not included)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight0.13 kg
Dimensions16 × 10 × 5 cm

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