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Zone Medical’s range of foetal and vascular audio and colour Doppler devices similarly combines the important features of lightweight mobility with a competitive price, long battery life, low power consumption, innovative beaming technology and user-friendly operation.

Vascular flow studies or blood flow studies either as a preventive screening
measure or to diagnose potential life-threatening situations rely on Doppler device input. It is therefore essential that a device can give a very accurate evaluation. Our Doppler ultrasound device range boasts frequencies from 1 to 14 MHz, suiting all manner of tissue depths.

Foetal Doppler devices for mothers are becoming increasingly popular and our competitively priced selection provides a selection of professional grade mother-to-be gift ideas. Doppler ultrasound devices located on our website are manufactured to professional specifications, such as the Huntleigh FD1 with a 2 MHz probe and active noise reduction for crystal-clear audio. This is in addition to a waterproof LCD screen and probe and real-time auto-correlation heart rate processing. This far exceeds the standards of generic, non-medical foetal Doppler’s for the mother-to-be market but does not appear to make them any less popular.

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