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Jumper JPD-100B+ Portable Fetal Doppler 2.5 MHz

$395.00 Excl. GST

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Product Description

The Jumper JPD-100B+ Portable Fetal Doppler 2.5 MHz is easy to use, compact and portable.

The ultrasound is lower than the national ultrasonic power standard by over 50% and has a large backlight LCD which displays the fetal heartrate.

It features an interchangeable waterproof probe and the built-in speaker gives clear and loud voice.

The automatic shutdown function is activated in the case of no activity one minute.

A fully charged battery will enable continuous work for over 10 hours and the high sensibility can detect the pulse of 12-week foetus.

It also boasts three calculation modes to calculate fetal heart rate: instant, 10 second average and manuals.

Controls & Functions:

Volume control

Start/Stop button

Mode function menu button

Headphone jack

Charging jack

Moisture proof

Battery charged indicator

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions20 × 21 × 6 cm
Display: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Heart Rate Range: 50 - 210 bpm
Ultrasound Frequency: 2.5 MHz +/- 3%
Audio Output Power: 0.5 w
Size: 135 mm x 84 mm x 33 mm
Unit Weight: 0.43 kg
Power Supply: 100/220 v
Battery Type: Lithium-ion polymer

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