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Beneware CardioTrak Standard Holter Software

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Beneware CardioTrak Holter Software for Holter Monitor

Based on the intelligent analyze core technology and a user-friendly interface, CardioTrak enables the users to process Holter analysis easier, faster and more accurately.

99.9% QRS detection accuracy

Tested by MIT-BIH database, the accuracy of automatic single-lead QRS detection is 99.6%, the simultaneous detection accuracy of multiple leads is 99.9%. Accurate beats classification improves the Holter analysis and saves the users a large amount of time.

Powerful tools

CardioTrak software provides all the tools you need to record, analyze and diagnose accurately and quickly.

The range of powerful tools includes:
Accurate template analysis.
Comprehensive chart analysis includes RR interval graph, Heart Rate graph, Diagnosis graph, Full disclosure graph, Histograms, ST tendency, Pacemaker analysis.
Event statistics list -Ventricular Event, Supraventricular Event, Pause Event, Heart Rate Event, ST Event, Atrial Fibrillation and Atril Flutter Event, User Event.

Optional advanced tools: HRV; QT; LP; HRT; TWA; VCG; VLP; DC

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