Beneware CardioTrak Standard Holter Software

$1,999.00 Excl. GST

Benewares Cardio Trak holter software brings the latest in automatic diagnostic analysis and interpretation including the world’s first atrial fibrillation auto analysis and over 44 kinds of histograms. Smart intuitive reporting with the flexibility of personalisation if necessary.

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Beneware CardioTrak Holter Software for Holter Monitor

Based on the intelligent analyze core technology and a user-friendly interface, CardioTrak enables the users to process Holter analysis easier, faster and more accurately.

99.9% QRS detection accuracy

Tested by MIT-BIH database, the accuracy of automatic single-lead QRS detection is 99.6%, the simultaneous detection accuracy of multiple leads is 99.9%. Accurate beats classification improves the Holter analysis and saves the users a large amount of time.

Powerful tools

CardioTrak software provides all the tools you need to record, analyze and diagnose accurately and quickly.

The range of powerful tools includes:
Accurate template analysis.
Comprehensive chart analysis includes RR interval graph, Heart Rate graph, Diagnosis graph, Full disclosure graph, Histograms, ST tendency, Pacemaker analysis.
Event statistics list -Ventricular Event, Supraventricular Event, Pause Event, Heart Rate Event, ST Event, Atrial Fibrillation and Atril Flutter Event, User Event.

Optional advanced tools: HRV; QT; LP; HRT; TWA; VCG; VLP; DC

Software Manual
Holter Software Manual

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