Skintact RT34 AquaTac Easitab Gel Tab Electrode PK100 Most Suitable For Diagnostic ECG

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The SKINTACT Easitab System – Your best choice for an excellent and safe resting ECG


Excellent Trace Quality

The conductive adhesive Aqua-Tac hydrogel of SKINTACT Easitabs provides a reliable signal tracing of consistently high quality. Easitab F-WA00 and FS-WB00 with Aqua-Wet gel complete the range for demanding conditions.


Secure Adhesion and Patient Comfort

SKINTACT Easitabs feel soft but stick well to the patient’s skin. After the ECG they can be removed comfortably – without loss of hair.


Superior Safety

Proper use of SKINTACT Easitabs eliminates cross infection whereas suction electrode bred bacteria and fungi.


Time Efficiency

Unlike suction electrodes, SKINTACT Easitabs on a handy card are applied quickly on all types of patients. Aqua-Tac gel requires no clean up after the ECG. Easiprep and Easiclip tab adaptors further facilitate your success.



SKINTACT electrodes are available with four backings:

• Foam backing materials protect sensor and gel from surgical and cleaning fluids. The thin foam layer permits maximum flexibility.

• Skin-friendly Microporous Tape adapts well to body contours, increasing comfort. Tape – backed SKINTACT electrodes promote breathability and transpiration, important in long term applications.

• Soft Cloth backing offers many of the benefits of tape plus added elasticity to conform to most body movements. Cloth-backed SKINTACT electrodes provide the long term comfort and durability required by active patients.

• Clear Tape backing protects sensor against fluids and being transparent it permits constant skin observation.


Gels & Shelf Life

SKINTACT electrodes are available with three gels:

• AQUA-TAC: Solid adhesive gel electrodes add the benefit of 100% skin surface contact. It leaves no residue upon removal

• AQUA-WET: Liquid gels designed for fast pick up of the ECG signal even if inadequate skin prep is carried out. Aqua -Wet electrodes are an ideal choice for short term procedures.

• AQUA-SET: A solid wet gel designed for long term procedures and stress testing.


Additional Information

Weight 0.059 kg
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 1 cm
Gel Connector: Aqua-Tac
Backing, Adhesive: Easitab / Paper / PET
Dimensions: 22x34mm/Card of 10
Suggested Use: ECG Diagnosis
Packing Standard: Packs of 100
Skintact ECG Electrodes Brochure

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